Repurposing Food Jars

I had some empty pickle jars and spaghetti jars I wanted to use for an eventual project, and after I bought my kids a huge pack of Crayola markers I knew they would come in handy.  We are about to start our new home school year and having just moved, one of my goals is to decorate in a sort of cabin meets farmhouse style.

I had painted a couple of the jars cobalt blue originally but decided to repaint them white.  I can’t get enough of the bright lately. I experimented and painted two of the jars black first with some chalkboard spray paint I had leftover.



I didn’t have a scratch pad on hand so I just used a dried out rag I had in the garage. Lovely huh? I didn’t even peel the sticker off the pickle jar. I started but it was sticky and I didn’t want to mess with cleaning it off. It still turned out fine.


I liked the jars that I had prepainted black with the white on top better because it made the distressed look pop.





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Repurposing An Old Popcorn Tin

We just moved and I have been slowly but surely unpacking and cleaning out the garage.  I took a break from that and decided to make some use out of an old Christmas popcorn tin.  I need a trashcan in the bathrooms, so this will save money on one of them anyways!





I like the way it turned out and it only took about 10 minutes. I did one coat in 5 and went back over it again.

// Meg //