How to Make A Farmhouse Style Chicken Wire Basket.

Make Your Own Farmhouse Chicken Wire Mail Baskets

Here’s what I used:

1 bottle of hammered dark bronze spray paint

2 3lb packs of hooks (to hold mail) (Less than $4 each)

1 roll of heavy duty wire from Lowe’s ($3.50)

1 roll of chicken wire from Lowe’s ($30)

~Remember, these baskets can easily cost $30 just for a new one, and this will make multiple baskets~


Measure how many squares long and wide you want it to be.


Use something with a straight edge to bend your wire into a nice sharp 90 degree angle.  It may not turn out just right at first, we ended up having to hand bend ours a little and then after they had mail in them for a day they adjusted too.


Count however many squares over and across, giving yourself a couple extra on each end.


This was hubby and I’s first project together.


It was much faster having one person pre-cut the squares while the other started weaving them together.


Your start by cutting a good long piece of wire and start at one end and weave them together in and out down the spine of the basket.


Keep going!


Keep going!


When you get to the end, then you…


Go around to the next side or if you want to stop where you are then…


start twisting it tightly to prepare to tie it off.



It’s easier than I made it sound.  Hopefully visually it makes sense.


After spraying the Command hooks and the chicken wire (lay it on cardboard, let dry and flip and do the other side) let everything completely dry until the next day.



I also bought some wooden labels and hubby drilled holes on each end and I am going to put them on the front, twisting wire through the holes to attach. There are many options of adding extras so maybe I will add photos eventually!

I didn’t take one with out mail in it yet but they work great! One if for old mail, one is for important bills or outgoing.

Also, there is a ton of chicken wire left, enough to make many more baskets or a handful of small ones.

Thanks for checking out my blog!


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